Drug Rehab Centers Orange County

Drug Rehab Centers Orange County

Drug Rehab Centers In Orange County: Eight Symptoms Of Drug Addiction

Individuals who are addicted to drugs often find it difficult to stop the habit. The experimental use of a drug can quickly turn into an addiction when the drug use becomes frequent. Some drugs have a higher risk of addiction, making it harder for users to go without the drug. Drug rehabs centers in Orange County provide some treatment programs to help overcome drug addiction. However, how can you know if you or someone you love needs drug rehabilitation? Here are some common signs of drug addiction:

1) Cravings

With the passage of time, you will find yourself depending on the drug to survive. Attempts to stop the drug use will result in intense cravings and even make you feel physically ill.

2) Sudden Poor Performance at Work or School

Individuals who are addicted to drugs function sub-optimally, finding it difficult to carry out their everyday tasks and responsibilities. The reason is that they focus more on using and obtaining the drugs that make them high and feel good.

3) Poor Judgement

Individual who are addicted to drugs will do anything to find and get their drug of choice. They engage in risky activities without giving thought to the consequences of their actions. Some of these dangerous behaviors include stealing, lying, selling drugs, having unsafe sex and engaging in other crimes that could land them in jail.

4) Disassociation from Friends and Family.

When you are addicted to drugs you may withdraw and isolate yourself from friends and family members, hiding your drug use from them. Anxiety, depression, paranoia and perceived stigma are some of the common reasons why individuals who are addicted to drugs seclude themselves from loved ones.

5) Develop Unhealthy Friendships.

Following their disassociation from friends and family, people who are addicted to drugs prefer to hang out with peers who encourage their unhealthy habit and use drugs on a regular basis.

6) Financial Trouble.

People who are addicted to drugs may empty their bank accounts and spend all the money they have just to get drugs. Some go as far as borrowing and stealing from loved ones to fund their habit.

7) Mood swings or Aggression

Individuals living with drug addiction find it difficult to control their emotions. They lash out at loved ones for no reason and are prone to aggression. They may also be cheerful this minute and become depressed the next.

8) Physical Abnormalities.

Sometimes, an individual addicted to drugs may possess physical abnormalities such as dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, sniffing or itching of the nose, scars caused by needle injections, cold, sweaty or shaky palms, nausea, puffiness and paleness of face. There could also be a deterioration of hygiene because of they are unconcerned about their appearance.

If you or someone you love exhibits the symptoms listed above, it is advisable to seek professional help. The treatment programs offered by drug rehab centers in Orange County addresses the psychological and physical components to addiction helping individuals to live a healthier life. Both outpatient behavioral treatment and inpatient or residential treatment are available at drug rehab centers in Orange County.


Drug Rehab Centers Orange County