Drug Rehab Orange County

Drug Rehab Orange County

Drug Rehab In Orange County: Treatment For Drug Addiction

Many drug users begin their journey to recovery with an outpatient or an inpatient program. The treatment is tailored to individuals to fit their needs and circumstances. Therapists and doctors have the responsibility of creating a recovery plan that is based on the particular substance. The severity of the patient’s addiction is also considered.

Addiction is mostly caused by both environmental and genetic factors. The genetic makeup of drug users can make them more compulsive and vulnerable to addiction. Different events like stress, trauma, and exposure to substance abuse at an early age can affect vulnerability as well.

What treatment options are available for people seeking drug rehab in Orange County?


Detox is often the first treatment option. It involves detoxifying the body system to prevent withdrawal symptoms. It is performed under strict supervisions of doctors. This process could involve using medication to ease withdrawal. The medication is used until the individual no longer relies on substances.

It keeps the patients safe and comfortable. Detox can also get rid of cravings as well as withdrawal symptoms in a few weeks. This doesn’t apply to everybody as some people need months or years of treatment to recover from all the mental side effects.


Therapy is another important treatment method for drug addiction. An average drug rehab in Orange County uses different types of therapy treatments depending on the need of the patient. Some of them include:

–           Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The cognitive behavioral therapy is used to help drug addicts handle feelings or thoughts that contribute to relapse or compromise sobriety. This therapy is useful in the treatment of other co-occurring disorders such as OCD.

–           Biofeedback

This therapy involves electronic sensors that are positioned on the patient’s skin, and they show medical professionals an accurate read on bio signs of an individual. Such sessions only last for thirty minutes or one hour. It gives the recovering users a psychological edge to help them fight their addictions.

–           Holistic Therapy


This therapy focuses on the well-being of the individual while treating all the physical withdrawal symptoms. They include acupuncture, guided meditation, and yoga art therapy.

–           Experiential Therapy

This therapy uses non-traditional methods to help the addicts over their repressed emotions and feelings that were contributory factors in addiction. Some activities include wilderness therapy, rock-climbing, and rope courses.

–           Motivational Enhancement Therapy

This therapy helps the recovering addicts to change their behavior and thought processes, which are attached to the addiction. It is used for recovering addicts with co-occurring disorders like eating or bipolar disorders

–           Dialectal Behavior Therapy

During this therapy, different mental illnesses are treated alongside an addiction problem. The therapy is made to improve self-esteem while encouraging the recovering addicts to get rid of triggers from their life. It offers skills to manage the stress that could come with withdrawal.

–           Faith-Based Treatment

This treatment involves using religion to fight addiction. People who value religion prefer this treatment plan. During the treatment, the recovering addicts are surrounded by like-minded folks who want guidance from a supernatural power to remain strong and sober.

These treatments and more can be found in a good Drug rehab in Orange County.


Drug Rehab Orange County