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How To Safely Taper Off Valium

Substance abuse is a complicated affair, and addictions don’t always arise from lifestyle choices. Many people around the world rely on stronger medications after experiencing physical trauma or due to other diseases and ailments out of their control, and many of these medications are extremely addictive. As such, many ordinary people are surprised to find themselves asking how to safely taper off drugs such as Valium.

What Is Valium?

Valium is a brand name for a drug called diazepam. It’s closely related to benzodiazepine and often used to help patients discontinue the stronger medication. Furthermore, it has many practical uses, typically offered for anxiety, seizures, and pain management; as a sedative; and to help with alcohol withdrawal.

Despite its apparent usefulness, it’s strictly prescription-only, which speaks to its highly addictive origins. One should only ever take it under strict observation by a medical professional.

Consulting a Professional

Regardless of its common use as a legally prescribed medicine, Valium is still a potent and addictive drug. As such, one should make no attempts to start or quit using it without first consulting an expert. An individual’s primary care physician can guide them on how to safely taper off valium.

Furthermore, help is closer than many people realize. Valium rehab centers dot the country, many of which are well versed in treating and providing ongoing support to people struggling with benzodiazepine addiction. Chapman House is an outpatient center located in Orange County, California, that works with teens struggling with addiction. Reach out to us today to speak with one of our helpful staff members with any questions you have about addiction, treatment options, and support.

Basic Tapering Methods

Primarily, tapering off Valium usage starts with an assessment of a person’s daily dosage. Since diazepam is typically prescribed in a tablet, many people taper by adjusting the pill size. Cutting a pill into portions is referred to as dry tapering. By weighing the adjusted pill, it’s entirely possible to very slightly lower the dosage gradually. 

 Alternatively, many people choose to microdose. Essentially, one cuts the dosage into many small pieces and takes a little throughout the day to avoid withdrawal systems. Lastly, tapering strips are products made especially for easing off Valium, much like nicotine patches are for cigarettes.


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