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Co-Occurring Disorders

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Substance abuse may occur alongside behavioral or mental health disorders. Chapman House has experience and expertise in co-occurring disorders treatment.

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Chapman House’s key to success is identifying coexisting disorders and providing dual diagnosis treatment (co-occurring disorders treatment).

Personalized Treatment

In co-occurring disorders treatment, the Chapman House clinical team assesses key factors that may contribute to mental health issues, including family history of substance abuse or addiction and/or mental illness, and constructs our treatment plans with them in mind.

We can provide intensive dual diagnosis treatment therapy, calling on an array of clinicians that may include psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical psychologists, and mental health counselors. Certified addiction treatment counselors are also a natural part of any dual diagnosis treatment plan.

What To Expect

Types of dual diagnosis treatment we apply to those suffering with coexisting disorders may include specific therapeutic support groups, pharmacotherapy, couples counseling, family therapy, or outside support groups.

Persons who need co-occurring disorders treatment may have struggled for years to find treatment that provides more holistic care that addresses their substance abuse in context with coexisting disorders. At Chapman House, our experience and expertise combine to offer a more comprehensive kind of care that considers the individual’s circumstances beyond addiction to include other mental or behavioral problems.

Here at Chapman House, we focus on caring for the individual and preparing treatment plans that address the unique circumstances of each patient. No two people are alike in how chemical dependency and alcoholism affect their lives, particularly as each person has a unique medical and family history that may involve other mental illnesses. We understand coexisting conditions and how they intertwine, and are prepared to offer effective treatments that can address both addiction and mental illnesses.

Families with a history of mental illness are often reluctant to talk about or acknowledge that history. Genetic factors as well as generational family dynamics can contribute to a perpetuation of mental and behavioral disorders, as well as recurring cases of addiction and chemical dependency within families. Acknowledging the possibility of coexisting conditions is the first step toward getting well. Chapman House can help set you on the path to recovery.

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