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Partial Hospitalization

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Partial Hospitalization Program

Chapman House provides a partial hospitalization program for substance abuse and evidence-based therapeutic rehabilitation programs in Orange County, CA.

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About the Program

Partial hospitalization for substance abuse, also known as “day treatment,” is when it is not necessary for a participant to reside in the program 24/7.

Personalized Treatment

Reasons to pursue a partial hospitalization program for substance abuse may include recent completion of residential treatment with an associated need for an intensive “step-down” phase, before intensive outpatient care (IOP), other outpatient care (OP), or completion of treatment.

Partial hospitalization for substance abuse is offered in sessions of six to eight hours, six days per week. These sessions include most components of the residential care phase of treatment. The difference is that patients do not reside at our facility during treatment. This is why partial hospitalization is also sometimes referred to as “day treatment.”

At Chapman House, we provide individualized treatment based on each patient’s substance abuse history, along with family history and medical condition. Patients who are likely to benefit from day treatment will demonstrate commitment to recovery, appreciation for the rules and policies of the program, and respect for fellow patients.

What To Expect

The partial hospitalization program at Chapman House is medically supervised and provided by a team of clinical psychologists, certified addiction treatment counselors, registered nurses, physician’s assistants, all under the supervision of our medical director. We address the underlying emotional state of each patient, along with their individual circumstances.

If you are struggling with recovery from substance abuse, consult Chapman House. We’ll review our available programs with you to determine which course of treatment or therapy may be appropriate for you. The initiative to pursue treatment comes from a courageous decision to accept that there’s a problem, and to pursue treatment and recovery. At Chapman House, we understand how difficult it can be to acknowledge that you need help. Realizing there’s a problem, and that it’s not one you can conquer on your own, is your first step. Contact Chapman House to discuss which of our programs may be the best match for your individual circumstances.

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