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Substance Abuse: Ambien

How To Treat an Ambien Addiction

One of the scariest and saddest events in the life of a family is the occurrence of addiction within the circle of loved ones. Whether it’s a parent, child, or close relative, it’s all a painful and stress-filled event. To make things worse, many forms of addiction don’t arise from the dark alleys of temptation or the illicit markets of drug trafficking.

Rather, many people fall victim to addiction because of their body’s unique interaction with a legally attained prescription medication. Jet lag and sleeplessness are two common issues for which people are commonly prescribed Ambien. Due to its everyday applications, how to treat Ambien addiction is well understood by the medical profession.

What Is Ambien?

Also known as zolpidem, Ambien is a prescription-only sedative-hypnotic. It’s used to treat insomnia and other severe sleep issues in adults. The drug should only be taken by those who are unable to sleep or regularly can’t obtain seven to eight hours of continuous sleep. Even in more extreme cases, Ambien is only prescribed for a one to two-week period. The brief usage window is due to its intended use as treatment and not an ongoing medication. Its addictive nature is the reason for this cautious application.

Common Treatment Options

Ambien is meant to replace the use of benzodiazepines, which were previously used to treat similar issues. It’s less dangerous in terms of potency and withdrawal symptoms, but it’s still a powerful drug. Primarily, how to treat Ambien addiction comes down to stopping usage. Due to its strength, though, it’s best to first consult a doctor before attempting to cut back or cut out Ambien. This is especially true in the case of anyone who has been using Ambien habitually for longer than a standard prescription period. Otherwise, everyday prescriptions should include instructions for the end of the prescription terms.

What To Expect

Like many drug treatment programs, Ambien addiction recovery primarily centers around when the drug is removed from daily use. At this point, detox will begin, and the depth of care needed depends entirely on a case-by-case basis. Severely addicted individuals will be recommended to an inpatient facility so medical workers can watch and help the individual through the hardest parts of withdrawal.

Afterward, the patient will return home and may continue treatment at an outpatient facility. Chapman Rehab is an Orange County outpatient center. We specialize in helping teens recover from addiction with support groups, teaching life skills, and offering various forms of ongoing therapy. Reach out to us today for more information about our facility and the types of treatment we offer.


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