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Predictors of Success in Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs

As far as substance treatment programs go, outpatient substance abuse programs get a bad rap. Unfortunately, a lot of the outpatient substance abuse programs do not quite take the job as seriously as they should. Because of this, many have been reluctant to send their loved ones to places that do not adequately support them in the way that they should. To help you successfully guide your loved ones through this difficult time, here are the predictors of success in outpatient substance abuse programs.

A Full Continuum of Care

One of the most important indications of success in outpatient substance abuse treatment programs are that the treatment facilities offer a full continuum of care. In the case of substance abuse treatment programs, having the guarantee that the facility can handle any treatment program means that the facility has invested its workers and time into creating programs that address specific addictions and needs. This personalized treatment is a great sign that the program you are investing in has a high degree of success.

Proper Emotional Support Services

Some areas that many treatment facilities will lack in include providing proper emotional support services. Thus, if an outpatient center has these resources at their disposal, it is a safe bet they have a high degree of success. Emotional support services greatly benefit addicts by allowing them to explore their feelings in professional counseling. Under most circumstances, this would be extremely expensive by itself. However, some treatment centers will employ these individuals for the benefit of everyone there.

A Wide Range of Outpatient Activities

Besides the services that they offer to directly combat addictive behavior, there is one other area that can be an indication of success rate: the activity schedule. If a schedule is filled mainly with games, art activities, or field trips, the treatment facility probably does not take their patients seriously. However, if they dedicate time to group therapy, nature therapy, and other therapy types of that sort, it can be an indication of great success.

It is important to note that these facilities are only as good as the person coming in when looking at treatment facilities. At the end of the day, it is the addict’s choice whether or not they want to continue to display such addictive behavior. You can only look for treatment facilities that exhibit the predictors of success in outpatient substance abuse programs. This will ensure that they are at least in an environment that gives them the chance to escape their addiction.


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