Reaching New Heights in Recovery Treatment


What does it mean to hail clout in the addiction and behavioral health treatment industry? Many rehabs claim to have the experience, facilities and quality staff to constitute a distinguished treatment center, but very few actually meet the high quality standard.

At Chapman House, we know that there are many other detox & rehab facilities claiming to provide a full range of programs similar to the ones we offer. However, upon deeper investigation many of these facilities are overfilled and understaffed. Many engage in false advertising and illegal activities that could jeopardize your future ability to receive treatment through your health insurance. Furthermore, nearly all other treatment facilities in the U.S. lack the experience and the staff to truly meet the individual needs of each patient.

“Chapman House has successfully treated over 10,000 individuals since it first opened it’s doors in 1978.”

Every person who enters our recovery centers is treated as an individual with a unique set of needs. Our robust clinical staff consists of medical doctors, psychiatrists and registered nurses that provide safety and comfort during the detoxification process.

In addition, we are working with a revolutionary new electronic bridge, which reduces over 80% of the pain during opiate detox. Each patient is also assigned a recovery team that consists of a group of experienced and certified addiction counselors.

The need for addiction recovery services in the United States is higher now than ever before. However if the vast majority of facilities continue to provide just enough support to treat the symptoms of withdrawals and not the underlying emotional and behavioral conditions, then we will continue to see the number of relapses and deaths break records each year.

Chapman House is committed to provide you everything you need as an individual to not only achieve freedom from addiction, but also a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in returning to your life after treatment.


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