Red Flags To Avoid in Residential Treatment Programs

While most residential treatment programs for substance abuse are generally trustworthy, there are certainly some that are better than others. Typically, these programs can differ in many ways, whether through the services provided, the type of treatments they offer, or who they employ. Even so, there are many red flags that you can use to determine whether a treatment center is the right place for you to recover. Here are the major red flags to avoid in residential treatment programs.

Lack of Structured Treatment Approach

After deciding to get help for any addiction, lack of a structured treatment approach is one of the worst things you can have. You can easily tell whether or not a center has a structured treatment approach by asking the treatment center what approach they use. If they decline to answer, stay well away!

No Clarity on the Amount of Professional Counseling Needed

When looking around at residential treatment programs, always ask to see the daily schedule. Look closely at how the residents spend their time during the day. Some of the less caring treatment centers usually spend most of the days on field trips and playing games—these centers are essentially glorified babysitters. While that may sound fun now, none of these activities will actively help someone beat their addiction, and thus, you should avoid them.

No Admittance Criteria

Watch out for inpatient programs that lack clear admission criteria. This can often mean that they lack specialization in a few or many of the many different types of treatment. They could be willing to accept an admittance just on the basis of someone needing it, rather than taking care to see whether or not they are prepared to deal with different addictions.

We hope that this list of red flags to avoid with residential treatment programs has opened your eyes to what to expect and look out for. If you or anyone you know needs treatment, reach out to Chapman rehab. We have an extensive range of treatments ready to help you in your time of need.


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