Sober Thanksgiving: Gratitude During Recovery


True recovery means regaining joy and receiving the blessings that addiction threatened to take away forever.  When you get another chance at life after out-of-control addiction, gratitude is more than just appropriate – it is absolutely essential for successful and enduring sobriety.

No matter what point you are at in your recovery – just starting out or working on several years – there are several reasons to be thankful for the sobriety that you have right now.

You Are YOURSELF Again

Addictive substances like alcohol and drugs hijack your brain and alter your personality.  Soon, you become almost unrecognizable, even to yourself. As you heal during recovery and your brain chemistry returns to normal, you become the real YOU once again.

And freed from the constant compulsion to use and drink , you also are freed to make your own choices. YOU are in charge, not your addiction.

You See Things Clearly

Many people new to recovery recall describe their old actively-addictive life as confusing, almost as if it was being seen by through the fog.  But when your vision is no longer clouded by alcohol and drugs, you can see things as they actually are.  This helps you to consciously act in a thoughtful manner, rather than simply reacting to every imagined problem.

Real Fun Without the Guilt

To active addicts, “partying” means getting drunk or high as often as possible.  And when the good times are over, you are burdened with remorse and shame. In successful recovery, you can enjoy yourself alcohol-and-drug-free with your friends and family and worry about waking up tomorrow feeling guilty.

You are Present for Your Life

Addiction robs you of your experiences and memories.  When all of your time was spent drug seeking and using, you missed out on life’s special moments—birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.   Even if you managed to show up, you were often too wasted to remember.  In recovery, you are aware and present for the important occasions in your life. Best of all, you get to keep the memories.

Relationships Can Be Repaired

Addiction isolates you from your family and friends. But as you recover physically and mentally, you can work on bridging the distance. In fact, the Steps of Recovery talk about the need to apologize and make amends. Don’t worry about rejection—if you are sober and sincere, you will be pleasantly surprised how many people are rooting for you.

A Chance to Give Back

Active addiction meant you were focused entirely on your own substance-fueled needs.  But recovery puts you in the unique position to help other people who are still as lost as you once were—by volunteering, serving at 12-Step meetings, or even just by talking it out when they are tempted.  And here’s a wonderful bonus— serving others keeps YOU sober.

You are reading this today because you are still here, and that is the greatest reason of all to give thanks this season. Tragically, too many people never made it to today. They ran out of chances. Be grateful for yours and make the most of it.

Chapman House drug rehab in Orange County is ready to assist you in regaining your sobriety, reclaiming your life, rediscovering joy and hope, and realizing your many blessings.

To take the first, most important step on your journey of recovery, contact Chapman House TODAY.


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