Substance Abuse

The Different Types of Designer Drugs

The best way to keep family members safe from the dangers of addiction is through proper education. Naturally, this task is sometimes difficult due to the casual lingo that surrounds the illicit drug market. Most of all, complicated terminology arises surrounding the different types of designer drugs.

What Are Designer Drugs?

Knowing about the risks of designer drugs is especially important. The illegal substances that appear in underground channels filter into the party scenes around the world. A drug is defined as a “designer drug” when it has been further chemically altered. 

The working of these plant-based chemicals is done in secret home labs, which on its own should be enough to ward off would-be adventure seekers. The alterations are done to mimic other illegal substances or tweak the psychoactive effects of a given drug.

Common Varieties and Code Names

As they are deeply intertwined in the goings-on of the street markets, designer drugs are carefully coded under an array of names. A few of the more commonly known varieties include ecstasy or MDMA, acid or LSD, meth or methamphetamine, and spice or synthetic marijuana.

A few of the more insidious varieties include Rohypnol or roofies, flakka or PVP, and bath salts. The latter is an especially destructive synthetic-based of cathinone which saw a prominent spike in abuse during the late 2000s. As a result, many rehab centers specialize in bath salts addiction treatment.

Finding Help for Loved Ones

No matter which of the different types of designer drugs is the issue, there’s help out there. The first step for many individuals is taking time to detox at a hospital or an in-patient facility. Afterward, it’s common for people to continue with therapy through an out-patient center.

Chapman Rehab is one such dedicated facility that works with teens struggling to break free from addiction. Reach out to us today with any questions you have about drug awareness education, therapy programs, and rehabilitation.


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