Substance Abuse

Why People Become Addicted to Drugs

Dealing with addiction is a trial for everyone involved. Though the role of loved ones is often inconspicuous, their support can give patients struggling with drug addiction the best chance of recovery. It’s not always easy for everyone to do that, though, as many people don’t understand why people become addicted to drugs in the first place. For those who live without drug dependency, patience doesn’t always come easy. To better assist those in need, you should educate yourself on why it’s hard in the first place.

Developmental Factors

In older generations, many people encountered addictive substances at critically influential ages. For instance, early versions of children’s medicines used to contain significant doses of alcohol. Family members also casually used substances like alcohol and cigarettes in everyday life. They weren’t always as careful at keeping these things hidden from kids as adults are today.

In even sadder cases, children have been and continue to be born with addictions because their mothers can’t break their drug habits during pregnancy. After looking at all these examples, it’s hard to throw all the responsibility solely on one person.

Environmental Pressures

In some instances, a person’s upbringing may have been quite normal. Later in life, though, they may have fallen in with the people who abuse substances. Peer pressure is a real thing at all ages, and the need to have companionship is completely natural. It’s important to stay vigilant against individuals who place a prerequisite on friendship, such as sharing in drug use. Trying your best to be trusting and sociable isn’t worth it when you end up in a stimulant treatment program as a result.

Even though many adults warn children about drugs in drug awareness classes, people still take them to fit in. Sometimes, pushers prey on children based on where they live or their income bracket as well. The stress of extreme poverty or dangerous environments chips away at a person’s will, putting them more and more at risk of reaching for a chemical release.

Coincidental Encounters

Those who wonder why people become addicted to drugs don’t always realize that there are people who unintentionally become dependent on them. A person can become addicted to a substance, even if they were originally using it legally. Many of the illicit substances on the streets started as a common medicine for ordinary ailments. Some people struggling with addictions started with legally prescribed medications and painkillers after sustaining real injuries. However, many medications come with a nasty hook. If doctors don’t carefully moderate doses and analyze results, addictions can happen easily and may be hard to detect until it’s too late. As we’ve learned more about how chemicals influence us, medical professionals have thus restricted the use of these drugs to specialty cases.


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