YES…You CAN Afford Rehab in Orange County

It’s an excuse often heard among alcoholics and addicts in Orange County –“I can’t afford rehab!” But is that REALLY true? On the one hand, how can someone who always found the money needed to support their drug habit now complain that treatment is too high and they can’t afford rehab? But on the other hand, addiction is often supported by theft, fraud, or other criminal activity. Drug rehabilitation must to be paid for by legitimate means.Let’s see if we can balance this unequal equation

The Cost to Us All

Substance abuse exacts a staggering toll on society. Every community , including those in Orange County, is negatively impacted by drug abuse and addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, smoking, drinking, and illicit drug use comes with annual price tag of $700 billion.

  • Smoking – $295 BILLION
  • Alcohol – $224 BILLION
  • Illegal Drugs – $193 BILLION

Those numbers equal or exceed those of other chronic health conditions – cancer—$125 billion, diabetes – $245 billion, and more than $300 billion for strokes/heart disease.The human cost is just as staggering. Alcohol kills more than 88,000 Americans every year, while drug overdoses claimed over 72,000 at last count. In fact, since 1999—within one generation—the number of fatal drug overdoses has jumped a distressing 429%.In 2017, California suffered 5357 overdose deaths, making drug poisonings the #1 cause of premature death.

Costs to the Individual

Even though a drinking or drug habit is specific to individual, the costs of heavy use can be estimated:

  • Heroin (2g/day): over $50,000 per year
  • Painkillers (hydrocodone, oxycodone, or Vicodin): $40-50 thousand per year
  • Painkillers (OxyContin): over $100,000 per year
  • Methamphetamine: more than $30,000 per year
  • Marijuana: approximately $10,000 per year
  • Alcohol: $3500-$14,000 annually

And because 85% of alcoholics also smoke, you can add another $3000-$9000 to that figure. None of these numbers take into account the collateral financial costs of addiction, such as lost wages, higher insurance premiums, property damage, criminal fines, and attorneys’ fees.  In fact, in California, the fine for someone with multiple DUI offenses can be as high as $18,000per incident, plus prison time. When you consider all of these facts, the better question might be…Can you afford NOT going to rehab?

The Bottom Line

Like any lifesaving medical procedure, professional addiction treatment is not cheap.  But it should be obvious by now that it is not as expensive as the addiction itself, either financially or in human terms. Currently, Federal law requires your insurance carrier to cover mental health and substance abuse disorders.  This makes it easier than ever to afford rehab.  In fact, your only significant “out-of-pocket” expense might only be any co-pays or deductibles. And even if your insurance doesn’t cover the total cost, you still have options.  Many individuals and families impacted by addiction jointly decide to do whatever it takes to afford quality drug rehab.  They will take out a loan or second mortgage, sell property, cashed in retirement plans, etc. They understand that any sacrifice they make today is an investment in a better tomorrow. If you have a drinking or drug problem and you don’t know where to turn, Chapman House Treatment Centers should be your first call.  As the leading drug and alcohol rehab program in Orange County, Chapman House provides comprehensive and evidence-based recovery services that can help you safely and successfully regain both your sobriety and your good mental health. To start your own sober journey, contact Chapman House TODAY.


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